For KINGDOM SECURITY, the physical protection of persons is a job built on a global vision melting techniques and values

This vision is based on a perfect recognition of the current and future risks, on the latest professional protection methods and on those of the client to be protected

This vision allows us to differentiate our service offer by positioning it around 4 major points


In a sector of activity where strength often necessary is highlighted, KINGDOM SECURITY privileges intelligence
Each intervention is based on a study and a relevant approach to the potential risks that enable it to find solutions that are adapted to each situation and thus offer its customers an efficient and effective security

Our positioning: Discretion as an intervention method
Thanks to its expertise, KINGDOM SECURITY trains its agents so that they melt in the environment of the people to protect. Their image and that of KINGDOM SECURITY do not have to be valued, only preserving and strengthening the image of their client is important
Watch and training

Because the risks evolve continuously, KINGDOM SECURITY is constantly listening in order to bring the adapted answers and adjust the training of its agents
At KINGDOM SECURITY, all the agents have a strong initial training; follow continuous training allowing them to face all emerging risks

In the continuity of this choice, respect of privacy is the primary value of the ethical code set up by KINGDOM SECURITY. All our agents sign before their first mission a confidentiality clause, which imposes a total confidentiality on the contents of the missions and on what they can see or hear. KINGDOM SECURITY is also committed to respect this clause in its communication policy