Close Protection

As The first innovative company in the sector, KINGDOM SECURITY protects many personalities in many business fields, politics, sports and entertainment, both in France and internationally. All its agents, professionals trained in security techniques, and often from civilian or military official circles, control the art of prevention and protection. What makes the reputation of KINGDOM SECURITYis their professional skills, their control of the psychological aspects and their physical abilities put at the service of the success of their missions.

KINGDOM SECURITY agents are trained to ensure missions of a few hours or long-term missions 24/24 or accompanying expatriates, they are trained in the techniques of detection of risks and threats, body fight techniques, Anti-aggression driving or the protection of people on commercial flights

All KINGDOM SECURITY agents are trained to manage crisis, essential competence for a good management of difficult situations

The combination of these knowledges enables KINGDOM SECURITY to accompany its clients efficiently whether in their professional or private activities or while traveling.